5 Steps To Marketing Locally

If you are a business looking to get more leads and sales locally, there is no better investment than a targeted local marketing strategy.

Ranking on local search has become one of the biggest factors in the success of location-based service providers.

With one click, a potential customer can learn everything they need to know to about you and make a buying decision.

What is the best marketing strategy for local businesses?

Scroll down to find out how.

1. You Need Google Listing Optimization

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As local listing services go, Google My Business profiles are increasingly becoming the primary source of information for anyone searching for local businesses. Their platform allows you to include all relevant information about your business and services you provide.

Google My Business also allows you to upload photos and videos that can further encourage buyers to choose your business. You can create posts that announce your services or events that have call to actions.

One of the highest-ranking factors for local search is the amount and quality of your Google Reviews. We run email campaigns for our clients to get those reviews.

All of this serves to boost your ranking and increase traffic to your business.

2. You Need Local Citation Management

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Citations are the various listings of your business name and information found online. Google My Business is an example of a citation. Facebook Business and Yelp are others.

The value of citations is twofold. First, citations allow your business to be found on various platforms. If someone uses Facebook to discover new businesses and services, you want to make sure that the information you enter is available, accurate and up-to-date.

The second benefit is that a business whose listing information is consistent across all the online listing services will rank higher.

Many businesses will keep on top of two or three listings when updating their store hours, address, and phone number. However, the rest of their citations will continue displaying old information.

This creates a conflict in Googles system as to which listing is correct and can lead to decreased ranking of all your listings.

We currently update our client’s info across 60 websites that provide business listing services in real time.

3. You Need Search Engine Optimization

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Many websites fail to mention in a significant way the location of their business. They may include a business address on their page, but do not state in the main body of their text that they are in fact local.

Location information needs to be incorporated in every aspect of the website. It should be one of the first things people see when the visit the site. It needs to be reflected in the photos and descriptions. This helps both the visitor and search engines determine that your business is option when people are searching for local services.

4. You Need Content/Social Media Marketing

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More and more people are getting their news and information from social platforms. If you don’t have a social media presence, you could be missing an entire segment of potential customers.

Using hashtags and participating in local groups can greatly increase your chance of connecting with those that need your product and service most.

Something else to consider is that, as consumers, we now consider trust to be the biggest factor in making purchases.

Trust can be earned through reviews, such as those found on your Google My Business page or Facebook Page. Trust can also be established through carefully thought out blog posts, social media posts, videos, photos and info graphics.

This type of marketing is not necessarily a direct call to action. Rather, it establishes you as an authority and trusted adviser in your market space.

When you’ve earned your customers trust, you have a customer for life.

5. You Need Paid Advertising

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If you’ve ever wondered about the value of your service or product, paid advertising will quickly show you that number. Of course, this is different for every industry and much has to do with the relative value of conversion.

If you’re a real estate agent, you know that a good lead is worth thousands of dollars. So, you must set your budget accordingly, and you should expect a click to your site to cost you $20-$50 depending on your market.

If the value of a conversion is in the hundreds, you can expect to pay much less.

Paid advertising can occur on multiple platforms and you must determine where your potential customers reside prior to setting that up.

If you put these steps into practice, you will get more sales, leads, and customers.

At Aldermedia, we have helped many businesses find their place in the national marketplace and we can help you too.

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