5 Steps For
Local Business Marketing

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Local marketing, often referred to as “local store marketing” or “neighborhood marketing,” is a crucial strategy for businesses looking to attract customers from a specific geographic area. For businesses in areas like western Washington, implementing a robust local marketing strategy can make a significant difference in visibility and customer engagement. Below are the top 5 steps to ensure your local marketing efforts yield positive results.


Claim and Optimize Your Online Listings

Why: Local consumers often turn to online directories and platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places to find nearby services. A complete and optimized profile can improve your visibility in local searches.


  • Claim your business on all relevant online directories.
  • Ensure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) details are consistent across all platforms.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.


How Aldermedia Can Help: Aldermedia has a dedicated team that specializes in managing and optimizing online listings, ensuring your business stands out in local searches.


Engage in Local SEO

Why: Local search engine optimization ensures that your business appears in search results when potential customers are looking for services in your area.


  • Incorporate local keywords (e.g., “Seattle bakery” or “Tacoma dentist”) into your website content.
  • Optimize meta tags, URLs, and headers with local keywords.
  • Build local backlinks by collaborating with nearby businesses and organizations.


How Aldermedia Can Help: With Aldermedia’s expert SEO services, your website can rank higher in local searches, driving more organic traffic and potential customers.


Participate in Community Events

Why: Engaging with your local community not only raises brand awareness but also establishes trust and rapport with potential customers.


  • Sponsor local events, festivals, or charity drives.
  • Host workshops or informational sessions relevant to your industry.
  • Attend local trade fairs or exhibitions.


How Aldermedia Can Help: Aldermedia can assist in devising and executing event marketing strategies that resonate with the local community and bolster brand image.


Leverage Local Media

Why: Local newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels have dedicated audiences that trust and rely on them for information. Advertising here can effectively target a local demographic.


  • Place ads in local newspapers or magazines.
  • Collaborate with local radio stations for shoutouts or sponsorships.
  • Consider running promotions on local TV channels.


How Aldermedia Can Help: With a comprehensive understanding of the local media landscape, Aldermedia can guide businesses in creating impactful media campaigns tailored to the local audience.


Use Social Media Geo-Targeting

Why: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to target ads based on users’ locations. Geo-targeting ensures that your marketing efforts are directed at the audience most likely to convert.


  • Use platform-specific ad managers to set your target demographics based on location.
  • Create location-specific content, promotions, or events.
  • Encourage user-generated content with a local flavor.


How Aldermedia Can Help: Aldermedia’s social media services can fine-tune your campaigns, ensuring maximum reach and engagement within your target locale.


In Conclusion

Local marketing requires a mix of online and offline strategies tailored to appeal to a specific geographic audience.

Based in western Washington, Aldermedia understands the nuances of local marketing, and its dedicated team is well-equipped to help businesses shine in their communities.

Engaging with Aldermedia ensures that businesses not only achieve visibility but also foster lasting connections with their local clientele.


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