Onboarding Questionnaire

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Branding Questionnaire

Customer Profile Questionnaire
E.g. Supermarket dog food is convenient and cheap, yet has little nutritional value and causes their dog's skin and health problems.
E.g. They’d have a happy, healthy pet and a clean conscience.
A dog food subscription service for nutritious food at the same price as a supermarket brand.
E.g. The convenience of the supermarkets, while providing the best nutrition to their dogs.

Audience demographics

Audience demographics will help with paid advertising campaigns. They may change as you learn more about your audience. If you don’t know this information yet, put your best guess down and come back as you get to know your customers.

Logo Design Questionnaire
E.g. Your Company Logo or YourCompanyLogo or Your company logo etc.
Which words should best describe your brand?
Circle 5-10 words or add your own.