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Aldermedia Creates Valuable Content Marketing Strategies for Traffic and Sales

When you choose Aldermedia, you’ll always have a team ready to produce high-quality content ideas.

With our content marketing services, we’ll develop and design valuable content to attract new clients and keep your current ones engaged.

Our content team writes, edits, and promotes search engine optimized content made just for you. From blog posts to audio and visual content, we have you covered.

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Great Content Gets Great Results

At its essence, content marketing is about establishing a long-term connection with your audience. It’s about telling stories that matter to them. Using this approach, we can build a deep relationship with your readers and prospects over time. These relationships will ultimately result in increased traffic, increased conversion rates, and higher customer lifetime value.

We specialize in giving your business the most valuable traffic in the quickest amount of time. We are devoted to your success, which is why we always write to the search engine guidelines to get the most out of our content.

How does Aldermedia create a customized content marketing strategy for you?

Aldermedia takes a holistic approach to your content marketing strategy.

First, we work with you to understand your business goals and what you are trying to achieve. We then work on a strategy that will help you get there. And we don’t stop there!

Our team will constantly review your strategy and make sure that we’re doing everything necessary for marketing success.

How do we do it?

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Content Strategy

To get the best results, we need a solid strategy. To do this, we need to know your business and the people you want to sell to. So we always make sure that we deliver content that’s relevant to your target market and that answers their problems within a piece of content.

One crucial aspect of this is keyword research. We need to know what keywords are going to get you the highest possible rank in search engines. By knowing which keywords to target, we can then generate effective and high-quality content.

You might be wondering, ‘how do we select the right keywords to use?’

The following are the factors we consider:

Search volume

It is essential to generate content for keywords with a fair number of monthly searches. While using keywords with a higher search volume sounds terrific, it does not necessarily mean achieving your goals, which is why we also consider using keywords with a lower search volume.


Before we create anything, we look into your website’s search engine ranking status. It is tough to rank in search results for high competition keywords. If your website ranks low in search engines, then our on-site SEO optimization is a perfect addition to your content strategy.


By referring to the costs associated with advertising your services, we can determine the potential value of the keywords we use for your website, as well as your competitors.

Customer Intent

It is one of the most critical considerations in keyword research. If your content does not answer your target customer’s intent, they will quickly find another source.

Content Development 

After gathering a list of all the vital keywords to boost your website’s ranking, we’ll research the best platforms for you to grow and build relationships with your market. Our goal is always to give your audience a tailored experience regarding the inbound content they receive.

Additionally, our content marketing strategy develops a scheduled content calendar for your website and social media campaigns. This approach increases your presence online.

Content Creation

This is where research, hard work, and experience come together.

If you’ve spent time trying to create your content, you know that it’s a time-consuming process—the same is true for content marketers. We thoroughly research your brand voice to make content that fits your website and is consistent content with all aspects of your business brand.

All of our content is reviewed by our editors for clarity and quality. From blog posts to audio content to video content, we make sure that it fits your style.

And if you have any requested changes, we take care of them fast.

Content Optimization

We don’t just give you content. We provide you with content that ranks.

Search engine optimized content not only resonates with your target market but consequently has a high probability of increasing your website’s ranking.

The effectiveness of content marketing at Aldermedia is proven to work. Over the years, we’ve helped many clients increase their revenue through optimized and engaging content.

Content Promotion

Now that we’ve created content, it’s time to promote your content to your audience.

Content promotion not only boosts brand awareness but also builds interest in potential customers. Every time they view your ad, social post, video, or blog post, you remind them that you’re here for them.

As more people discover your business, it means more traffic, conversions, and revenue.
From email newsletter to social media platform, we got you covered.

Monthly Audit

We make sure you can see how your content is performing. As an option, you can receive a monthly report that shows you how your content is generating leads and what worked best.

Now that you know how we customize your strategy. Let’s find out why content marketing is worth your investment.

Why should you invest in content marketing services?

Since the rise of content marketing, it became necessary for any business with an online presence.

Those that have missed the boat in setting up their digital marketing strategy have lost valuable market share to those that did.

Here are some points to help you understand why Content Marketing is right for you.

Making business decisions together

Makes your business thrive

Consumers use the internet for almost everything in their decision-making process. It’s reported that around 85% of consumers conduct a local online search before making a purchase.

If you are still using traditional marketing and want your business to thrive, now is the time to invest in content marketing.

With strategic content marketing and an impressive online customer experience, your business will continue to thrive.

Increases your brand awareness

Your brand is the most original and valuable asset that you and your business own. It’s your company’s signature. Consumers directly associate business branding with the company. 

Aldermedia also offers business branding services that are a perfect addition to your digital marketing plan.

Brand awareness is one goal of content marketing. That’s one of the reasons why customized content that corresponds to branding is a must for content marketing.

Improves your revenue

One purpose of content marketing is conversion rate optimization. Study shows that businesses which invested to content marketing services have conversion rates six times higher than businesses that do not.

Investing in content marketing services gives you a competitive edge against all other businesses in the same market space. The result of effective content marketing is the expansion of both your market share and revenue.

Expands your consumer base

Many companies target consumers that are at the bottom of the conversion funnel, or, in other words, those that have money in their hands and are ready to buy. That shows immediate results but is ultimately a short-term strategy with a limited scope.

If you want holistic growth for your business, you need to target the users in the earlier stages of your buying funnel. We do this by helping them get to know more about your business first through articles and blog posts. Then, when they build trust in your brand, you’ll be the first ones they contact when they’re ready to buy. They may even recommend you to a friend.

Maximizes your digital marketing’s return on investment 

Content marketing gives your business a long-term opportunity for revenue which then gives bigger ROI. With successful digital marketing, you can freely expand your business and its services.

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing costs 62% less, which increases your company’s return even more. 

It’s obvious that Content Marketing is here to stay and is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy.

Every successful business is currently employing a content marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

So if you’ve struggled to create a successful content marketing strategy and are ready to level up your digital marketing, contact Aldermedia to get started today! 

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