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Aldermedia Helps You To Convert Leads Into Customers

Aldermedia makes your customer acquisition management a lot more efficient. Our lead management system runs the entire process of converting prospective customers into sales.

We upgrade your customer discovery process by capturing leads and tracking all possible contact points like email and chat. Then, segmenting potential customers from the rest.

We take care of your lead marketing operations so you can take care of the rest of your business.

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Detailing Our Lead Management Process

The Lead Capture Stage

People often interchange the term ‘leads’ with ‘customers.’ Let us first differentiate the two.

Leads are people in your target population and market who take an interest in your products or services. In comparison, customers are the ones who already purchased your products or availed of your services. 

Lead capture is the process of listing your lead’s contact information for marketing purposes.

There are several methods in capturing leads. You can manually go through local websites and list down their contact information, or you can use social media. This procedure usually takes time, but this is proven effective.

Here are some steps we do to widen your lead capture process:

We use Chatbots.

Compared to using forms, chatbots are proven to be more interactive and user-friendly. It can also save user contacts and email for your marketing campaigns.

We publish interactive content.

Publishing helpful and interactive content creates engagement, loyalty, and more leads for your business. Also, it invites customers to share their information.

We create an educational email series.

It is impractical to pitch in your email campaign consistently. Customers enjoy relevant educational contents that be new to them.

We add exit intent and end of content pop-ups to your website.

These pop-ups serve as a call to action on your website.

Our capture process uses advanced lead management tools to help you expedite your marketing to revenue journey. 

The Lead Enrichment and Tracking Stage

Our lead enrichment and tracking stage enhances your lead data by verifying, correcting, and adding information. This step of lead management guarantees your sales team that data are accurate, complete, up-to-date, and reachable.

Especially when implementing an automated lead generation, the customer data needs precise verification through manually looking them up.

Here are lists of information that we verify for accurate leads:

  • Names
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Physical Address
  • Titles

If lead information is invalid or incorrect, it would not be easy to follow up with them.

The Lead Qualification Stage

One way to boost your marketing strategy is to check if you have qualified leads. We evaluate your potential customers through AI-powered contact scoring that ranks leads based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in your products or services
  • Demographic information
  • Buying journey
  • Company engagement

 Determining your qualified potential buyers helps you to engage with your leads effectively. Further, segmenting them enables you to generate personalized campaigns.

Our lead qualification process makes marketing campaigns more customized, engaging and improves revenue.

The Lead Distribution Stage

Aldermedia has an efficient process of assigning leads to sales reps. We reduce the lead response time to ensure that your leads get the earliest follow-up after engaging with your products or services.

We use distribution management software to allocate the hottest leads to the right sales representative.

Following up on uncertain and promising leads has the same weight when it comes to lead management. When a prospect is unsure about engaging with your business, the lead nurturing stage captures their interest and convinces them about your campaigns, leading to a sales conversion.

Don’t have lead management yet? Here are some brief reasons why you should invest in one:

1. It increases organic customers alongside sales.

2. Statistics show that customers have a higher buying rate than companies who reach out the earliest. 

3. You are constantly selling your products and services. Lead management helps you trade effectively.

4. It creates engagement with your prospective customers. Contents in lead management generate three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

5. Organic email lists are more accurate and practical than paid lists.

Alder Media is a lead generation company that provides an end-to-end solution for all your marketing needs.

From lead capture, to lead tracking to lead qualification and nurturing, we do it all!

If you struggled to maintain a consistent connection with your potential and current clients, contact us today!

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