How to Use Keyword Clustering to Seamlessly Optimize Your SEO Content

Keyword clustering is the SEO tactic if you want to seamlessly optimize your SEO content and streamline your workflow at the same time. The best part? Keyword clustering is fairly simple, and Google SERPs give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on exactly how to do it. It’s a timely […]

Track Indented Results in STAT (New)

Last month, Google dramatically expanded indented results in organic SERPs. A recent study by Moz of 10,000 competitive keywords showed that up to 40% of SERPs displayed indented results on page one. Here’s just one example: Google has determined that both pages are relevant to this search (for “how many algorithm updates per year”), but […]

How to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic Using Google Analytics

Before you start reading, I’ll forewarn you that this article will start with a tweet and end with a challenge. Sound good? From one of my favorite SEO role models, and founder of Women in Tech SEO, Areej AbuAli:  So, before getting lost in the sauce in the various metrics, it’s important you understand that […]

Lean into Email in 2022: An Interview with iContact’s Hank Hoffmeier

I like email. Data says almost all of us do. Email breathes easier than the social noise pollution of customers and brands trying to shout at each other through a disjointed deluge of disaster and dog photos. Ever notice how your brain feels switching from the overstimulation of Twitter to the one-on-one hush of a […]

Why Getting Indexed by Google is so Difficult

Every website relies on Google to some extent. It’s simple: your pages get indexed by Google, which makes it possible for people to find you. That’s the way things should go. However, that’s not always the case. Many pages never get indexed by Google. If you work with a website, especially a large one, you’ve […]

GMB to GBP: 3 Invitations for Google to Alter Their Indifference towards SMBs

Software dashboards are supposed to feel clean and quiet, organized so that everything you need to do good work is right at hand, like this: Seeing the rebrand of Google My Business to Google Business Profile include the news that single location businesses will no longer enjoy the dignity of a room of one’s own […]

How to Make Newsworthy Content: Part 2

Content marketing expert Amanda Milligan is back with three more ways to make your content more newsworthy. If you haven’t seen part one, be sure to check it out!  Click on the whiteboard image above to open a larger version in a new tab! Video Transcription Hi, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. […]

Improve Your Reporting and Make Stakeholders Listen by Incorporating Share of Voice

What is “share of voice”? Share of voice (SOV) in marketing originated as advertising terminology, defining the percentage of media spend by a company compared to the total spend in the market. In essence, it’s meant to gauge visibility of a brand compared to its competition. In the SEO world, it measures organic visibility compared […]

Links and Brand as Ranking Factors: 2021 Correlation Study

It’s been a long time since Moz last published an in-house ranking factor study, and also a long time since I last published one prior to joining Moz. In my case, this is partly due to my long-standing skepticism and caution around how studies like these are typically very loudly misinterpreted or misrepresented. There’s also […]

5 Simple Tips for SEO + Email Marketing Flywheels

If you haven’t been using email marketing tactics to support your SEO efforts, now is the time to start. In today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus explains how to use the complementary powers of these strategies over and over again, so that each becomes bigger and more powerful the more you do it. Click on the […]