Pricing + Services


Website Design services starting at $80/hour.

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WEbsite Design 

$80/Hour — Wordpress & Squarespace are our preferred platforms for website creation.  With plenty of experience in both platforms, you can be sure that you'll get the design  you're looking for. 

Graphic Design

$65/Hour — Using the full Adobe suite, Aldermedia offers graphic design services for the creation of documents, business cards, flyers, posters, and commercial advertising.


Variable/Per Project — Great photos make great impressions on your customers.  Whether you're looking to promote a local business or a product, we can help you get the look you want.


Variable/Per Project — Videos are the premier format to get a clear message to your customers.  We provide a variety of video services that include shooting and editing to your specific needs.  On the ground or in the air, we've got you covered.


Variable/Per Project — Marketing to your customers can be difficult to do on your own.  We can create content to target your specific audience with photos and videos to grab their attention and move them to action.

Online Advertising

Variable Hourly Rate — Between Google and Facebook, there is a treasure trove of data to utilize for advertising.  We can tailor your product or brand impressions to reach your specific audience.  

Social Media account creation

$100+/Per Site — Signing up for  a new social site might be easy, but filling it out with relevant content can be frustrating and time consuming.  By handing off this assignment to us, you can enjoy the exposure that comes from social media with out the headache.

Social Media Management

$350+/Month — Social media is fundamental to any marketing strategy.  What you include in your profile and what people write about your business can benefit or harm your image.  By allowing us to maintain and respond to all feedback, you can be confident that your social profiles work for you.

Ecommerce Solutions

Variable — From personal website sales to third party sales management,  we can help you decide which platform is the best for your business.


$250+/Month — Every business wants to be found online. However, monitoring web traffic and rankings is a full time endeavor.  Changing algorithms and increasing competition make it a constant challenge to keep your business as a top search result.  With a monthly subscription to our SEO service, you can be confident people will find your site.