Announcing the Local SEO Certification from Moz Academy

43% of people tasked with marketing local businesses say there just aren’t enough resources available to teach them local SEO. Today, Moz is debuting our Local SEO Certification program to fulfill this need. With this well-organized, engaging video course, you can learn at your own pace, take an exam, and earn a certificate and LinkedIn […]

Moneyball is the Future of SEO — Whiteboard Friday

Welcome back to Whiteboard Friday! First up in our fall season, Will Critchlow shows you how, much like the NBA, SEO is undergoing an analytic revolution — and how you can make the most of it. To hear more on this topic, and from our other amazing MozCon 2022 speakers, be sure to pre-order the video […]

Outstanding Local SEO Takeaways from MozCon 2022

It would be hard to overstate the value of the education offered at MozCon. From the impressive accreditation of seasoned speakers to the novel thinking of newcomers, MozCon 2022’s presenters delivered a level of actionable advice and inspiration that resoundingly reaffirmed why this event is one of the best-loved in the SEO world. As a […]

Going International: 15 SEO Steps for a Successful Expansion

Introduction Expanding your business internationally is an excellent way to grow and scale your company. However, deciding to enter foreign markets involves making several decisions and taking actions that establish your organic presence. This article will guide you through 15 SEO steps to follow that will allow you to conquer new markets successfully. Table of […]

Optimization Tips for Your SEO Career (and Your Life)

What does it take to advance your career? Knowledge? Absolutely. Skills? Most definitely. But there is another element, one so important that without it, knowledge and skills lie dormant: Action. In my experience, the ability to take action sits firmly on the foundation of a strong mindset. Consider these scenarios: Have you wanted to answer […]

What Is Localism and How Does it Relate to Local SEO?

Local search marketing is a form of publicity unlike any other because of its potential for creating positive social change. July 2022 is Independent Business Month and the perfect moment to reinvigorate our work as local SEOs by reflecting on the meaningful bigger picture to which we’re contributing. I’ve heard European social commentators say that […]

How to Use Keywords to Combine the Power of SEO and Google Ads [Case Study]

Spongebob and Patrick. Batman and Robin. Tom and Jerry. These iconic dynamic duos simply wouldn’t be the same by themselves, and you can think of SEO and PPC in the same way. You may be thinking, “But, I always thought I needed to spend my money on one or the other!” Well, friend, I’m here […]

How We Increased Revenue with Speed Optimization [Local SEO Case Study]

Last year, I pitched a series of technical SEO topics for local SEO on twitter and got lots of positive feedback. One of these elements of technical SEO that can feel extremely daunting and unfamiliar to local SEOs is speed optimization. There are some key scenarios when local SEOs should seriously consider speed optimization, even […]

Freshness & SEO: An Underrated Concept

During my time in search, there are certain ranking factors that I’ve changed my perspective on. For instance, after coming to Go Fish Digital and working on internal linking initiatives, I started to realize the power of internal links over time. By implementing internal links at scale, we were able to see consistent success. Freshness […]

SEO in Real Life: Harnessing Visual Search for Optimization Opportunities

The most exciting thing about visual search is that it’s becoming a highly accessible way for users to interpret the real world, in real time, as they see it. Rather than being a passive observer, camera phones are now a primary resource for knowledge and understanding in daily life. Users are searching with their own, […]