Daily SEO Fix: Exploring Subfolder Search with Moz Pro

A subfolder, also known as a subdirectory, is a way of organizing the pages on your website. They can be thought of as a way to divide up information or products, depending on your business. Within a subfolder, there can be more subfolders stacked within, like nesting dolls! Subfolders can be great for your website […]

The Fundamentals of Crawling for SEO – Whiteboard Friday

In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, host Jes Scholz digs into the foundations of search engine crawling. She’ll show you why no indexing issues doesn’t necessarily mean no issues at all, and how — when it comes to crawling — quality is more important than quantity. Click on the whiteboard image above to open […]

A Small Gift for Local SEOs and a Big Cheer for Original Images

“Localism” – Miriam Ellis We know that a picture is worth a thousand words and that Google is betting the house on a visual future, yet I’ve often struggled to find the exact image asset I want to illustrate the story of local businesses and local SEO. So, I decided to create my own asset, […]

How to Advance Your SEO Career – Whiteboard Friday

As SEOs, we know how to optimize websites, but what about our careers? In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Noah shares his insights from his own search marketing career path, with tips for those people in the beginning and middle stages of their career. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution […]

5 Key Considerations for Winning SEO Buy-In – Whiteboard Friday

Petra has plenty of experience talking to C-level decision-makers about their business problems, and translating them into SEO solutions. So in today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, she takes you through the main considerations you need to pay attention to when explaining the value of your work: commitment, concerns and objections, status versus purpose, and prioritization. […]

Lessons Learned from SEO Tests that Didn’t “Win” – Whiteboard Friday

We love to talk about winning SEO tests, like those wonderful instances where you run an A/B test and you see positive impact. In today’s episode, though, Will is going to discuss the losing tests: those with negative results — or no results — where you couldn’t prove an impact.  These test results are, in […]

SEO Recap: ChatGPT

We’re back with another SEO recap with Tom Capper! As you’ve probably noticed, ChatGPT has taken the search world by storm. But does GPT-3 mean the end of SEO as we know it, or are there ways to incorporate the AI model into our daily work? Tom tries to tackle this question by demonstrating how […]

5 Times ChatGPT Steered Me Wrong in Local SEO

If it looks like a cat and sits like a cat, it must be… OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a novelty that most SEOs are exploring right now for its ability to have a conversation with us about complex questions. It may be a major search disruptor and a threat to Google, a useful tool, a source […]

2023 Local SEO Success: Human Power in a Year of Change

2023 will be a run-up to the Olympics for the world’s top athletes who will be competing in a variety of events to prove themselves ready to represent their countries in the Paris Games, and I have a strong hunch that the coming months will be a strenuous exercise in fortitude for local business owners […]

Daily SEO Fix: Investigating Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization occurs when a website has too many similar keywords spread throughout the various pages on that site. This can harm the SEO potential of the pages involved, and can quite often go unnoticed for some time. When more than one page has the same, or a similar keyword target, those pages will then […]