In today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Tom Capper walks you through a problem many SEOs have faced: cannibalization. What is it, how do you identify it, and how can you fix it? Watch to find out!  Click on the whiteboard image above to open a larger version in a new tab! Video Transcription Happy Friday, Moz […]

The Three Bosses of SEOThe Three Bosses of SEO

While search marketers can get bogged down worrying about high quality content, successful link building strategies, and technically sound sites, when it comes to SEO, we need to take a step back and look at the what and why in order to get results.  To that end, Moz’s own Ola King walks you through the three main pillars, or as he […]

Responsive Search Ads: 5 Best Practices for Google Ads PPC Search CampaignsResponsive Search Ads: 5 Best Practices for Google Ads PPC Search Campaigns

What are responsive search ads? Responsive search ads are very flexible ads that automatically adapt to show the right message to the right customer. You enter multiple headlines and descriptions when creating the ad. Google’s machine learning systems will mix headlines and descriptions and test different combinations of the ads to learn which performs best […]

The Guide to Targeted-Impact Link BuildingThe Guide to Targeted-Impact Link Building

This piece was co-written with James Wirth. Links drive rankings — that’s one thing that technical SEOs, content marketers, digital PR folks, and even some of #SEOTwitter can agree on. But which rankings, and for which pages on your website? If you’ve ever wanted to build links that impact rankings for specific pages on your […]