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Are you a business looking to start a new website? Do you already have a website but are in desperate need of updating? Aldermedia can help.

The successful completion of every project we do is dependent on following a vigorous website design process. Plus, it’s the key to keeping our clients happy! 

We have adapted our way of working over the years, so here we explain our process from the initial meeting through to launch.

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Steps to Completing a Successful Website Design Project

Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase starts when we meet for an informal chat about your needs. We’ll ask questions like “What does your company sell?” or “How would people find out more?”. This helps us understand who you are as a brand, how you want to communicate with potential customers and where they might go if they wanted to learn more. It also gives us some insight into whether there are any other websites that may influence your decision making.

Analysis & Research

Once we’ve got a good understanding of your business goals, we start looking at your competitors’ sites. You can expect this phase to take around two weeks. During this time, we will analyze their site content, structure, navigation, images, videos, etc., to see how they compare to yours. 

Design Concept

After analyzing all available information, we come back together again to discuss our findings. Then, we create a concept document outlining everything we think should happen on your website based on these discussions. From there, we work closely with you to refine the concepts until we reach an agreement on exactly what you need.


This stage involves creating wireframes, mockups and then finally building the actual pages using a variety software tools and clean code. Once complete, we test each page thoroughly before launching.


Finally, after months of hard work, we launch your website. But don’t worry – we won’t leave you hanging! Throughout the entire process, we provide regular updates via email and phone calls. So no matter what happens during development, you always know what’s going on. And because we use agile software development methods, we can make changes quickly and easily whenever needed.

So now that you know what goes into designing a great-looking website let’s look at why it matters.

Steps to Completing a Successful Website Design Project

A well-designed website has many benefits, including increased conversions, better SEO rankings, and improved user experience.

Here are just a few reasons why having a professional website designer build one for you makes sense.

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Increased Conversions

When visitors land on your website, they’re usually searching for something specific. If your landing page doesn’t answer those questions clearly, chances are they’ll move along without converting. A professionally designed website ensures that users arrive at the right place, giving them the answers they seek.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Google loves clean code. That means less clutter, fewer errors, and easier maintenance. In addition, search engines love freshness, too – meaning that regularly updated content ranks higher than static material. Finally, having a custom website built by a reputable agency increases your site’s likelihood to rank high in organic searches.

Improved User Experience

If your website is challenging to navigate, has slow loading times, or is cluttered with unnecessary elements, it could be hurting your conversion rates. By contrast, a beautifully crafted website creates a positive first impression that encourages visitors to stay longer and convert.

Maximizes Your Digital Marketing’s Return On Investment 

A well designed website gives your business a long-term opportunity for revenue which then gives bigger ROI. With successful digital marketing, you can freely expand your business and its services.

It’s obvious that a well designed website that incorporates a blend of usability and technical elements is your best choice.
Every successful business has a website to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

So if you’ve struggled to create a website or redesign your current site and are ready to level up your digital marketing, contact Aldermedia to get started today! 

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