Good Design is our Philosophy

What is good design?  Is it colors, fonts, and bold images? Is it optimized for search engines?  Is it marketing and calls to action?

The answer is yes to all of the above.  There is no doubt that there are many talented artists that can create beautiful content for your business.  There are also those that can provide SEO services to help you get noticed online.  Others excel at promotions.

However, to stay competitive in the online marketplace,  you must combine the aesthetic, technical, and market-driven research into everything you produce.

Advertising budgets may be the hardest to calculate for any business.  We all want a good return on our investments but costs can quickly add up.  We may believe that if our product or service has value, people will find it on their own.

Unfortunately, for many, that has not proven true. The changing market landscape has left them behind and in their place, more technically savvy businesses appear and take over.

Our goal at Aldermedia is to help small businesses compete through effective marketing and design.

We start every project with a free consultation to establish a game plan for your marketing strategy.  Then, we set project timelines and budgets for each element.  After the timeline is set, we begin with intensive research into the targeted audience and the current competition in the area.

When we have that data, we begin the design process.  Each iteration is proofed and submitted for approval to the client.  If adjustments are needed, they are quickly performed. Once approved, we move on to the next step and continue until the project is complete.

We pride ourselves on quick turnarounds and customer satisfaction, so if and when further elements are added to the scope of work, they can be quickly addressed.

If you’re looking for a reliable, prompt, and cost-effective design and marketing team, call Aldermedia today for your free consultation.